Are You an Emotional Eater?

Look through the following questions. Check off the reasons you eat on various occasions, according to whether the statement is a frequent cause for you to eat, it serves as an occasional reason; or it never serves as a cause to eat. Answer all 25 questions.

1. I munch when I get bored.
2. I like to eat with my friends, even if I am not hungry.
3. I eat so the cook will not be offended.
4. I eat when I get depressed.
5. I eat when I am lonely.
6. I eat when I get anxious about something.
7. There are times when my eating is out of control.
8. I like to nurture other people with food.
9. I will eat my way through a difficult time (divorce, job loss, illness, broken dream).
10. I eat when I feel my energy go down.
11. I crave some foods.
12. I just like to have something in my mouth.
13. I eat even if I am not hungry.
14. I like to celebrate with food.
15. I think about food a good deal of the time.
16. I have a tendency to binge.
17. I eat to be polite.
18. I am embarrassed sometimes by home much I eat.
19. I eat to relax myself and relieve stress.
20. I get upset if I overeat.
21. I eat because I get angry.
22. I am displeased with my weight, but I overeat anyway.
23. I eat everything that is placed in front of me and always clean my plate, so as not to waste food.
24. I need high levels of sugar in my system.
25. Eating is my main enjoyment in life.