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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 05:04:06 pm
Author : dataimport
If you've been the other woman, find support here. General talk and debate about infidelity can be found in our Infidelity discussion.

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July 6, 2009, 1:19 pm CDT

The "Right" Other Woman

Quote From: nikki_pvn

You are really  are unhappy and bitter. Re read your posts, all they consist of is anger, 'everyone else is to blame attitude', alot of hate and bitterness.  I don't see any 'magic' in your relationship with this "very high profile" man with "soooo many connections", oh yeah, he is married too...    there is no magic because it does not exist. 


You say, "I will be with him and I will have what I want".   I don't understand what kind of advice you are looking for if  you have already made up your mind?  Many people on this board have given you good and sound advice, your response is usually callous and rude. 


You say that his wife should "remember where her place is", she does, she is with her family. 


You can badmouth that woman all you want, she is and always will be the mother of his children, and will always have a place in her husbands life.   His children will probably never accept you,  someone who was there to help destroy their parents marriage.   I doubt that he will allow you to come before his kids. 


As someone has previously stated in a post, I hope that you do print all this out and one day in the near future you will be able to read them again and see how foolish you were. Seriously, you are so bitter and angry now, do you really think that this relationship is going to turn into a healthy and happy one?  Never.   






For the person who is telling the "other woman" what she is really doing to her life, her MM's family life and the MM's wife.. AMEN !!  These "other women" have no life.   They go after anything that is lying on the side of the road.  In this case, someone's husband.  They are either not able to find a unattached man of their own,  or just looking to trade up.   I noticed that this "woman" keeps mentioning how high profile this MM is and how many connections he has.   She doesn't love him, she loves what he has, and can provide for her.   And she doesn't care who she has to run over to get it.   May he will cheat on her just like he did on his "terrible wife".   

August 5, 2009, 12:25 pm CDT

go on living in denial

Quote From: lutt0031

I am the other woman who posted and said that I have no obligation to her. I stand by what I said and here's why. When I met this man he told me that he was marriage was ending. The two of them were "together" for the children. He led me to believe that his wife had no interest in him either mentally or physically. This was entirely evident to me because he spent a lot of time with me either in person or on the phone. She does not work and the kids are in their late teens...they do not need a nanny. She shopped all day and bitched at him constantly. He let me listen to a few of the phone messages she left him. I've even heard the two of them speak on the telephone. She's horrible. I would NEVER allow another person to speak to me the way she did to him. While I realize that he should have ENDED the marriage before seeing me, I agree, but that's not reality. People stay together for all kinds of reasons. I do love him and I have no doubt that he loves me. Where was this woman when he spent all this time with me? Why did she not bother to inquire where he was or who he was speaking to for hours on end? Why did she wait until she found out about me to get a reality check? Why am I the "wake up call"? This is total BS. I understand that people take each other for granted but don't sit around and do nothing to work on your marriage and then play the victim. Yes, he cheated and he is wrong but it takes two people to make a bad marriage. He may have went out and cheated but she negelcted him.

So many people have been so kind to you and tried to get you to understand.  This man is lying to YOU and using YOU.  What is between he and his wife is none of your business.  You chose to be with a MARRIED man, that automaticly means, you have to share him with his WIFE (no matter how much of a bitch she is).  She may have been a very nice woman before he screwed her over. You may not be his 1st affair (I know he says you are, but he lies, remember).  Maybe the 1st affair caused her to be this way, or maybe, after you live with him, he is not as wonderful as he is when he's taking a break from the real world with you.  You are just setting yourself up for more heartache.   I wish you luck! 

August 21, 2009, 9:31 am CDT

proection order

Quote From: maxwell55

My husband has had affairs.... I think there might still be one going on.. I was wondering what did this other woman take your husband to court for?  The reason I am asking is my husband and I were apart for about 3 months and he kept asking me for about twenty five thousand  dollars. I don't know what for


Hope you reply


  My husband and I coudnt be stronger, he spends all his time with me and my children and we take vacations together by are selfs it is wonderful, she has acussed us of stalking her, but I think she is just pissed because she thought she was all that and he would come back with her. She got really pissed when we found out that one of are other in employees was telling her thing about are new realationship, the got layed do to the bussinee slowing down, when that happened she just went sideways because she had know more info coming to her. I could write a movie about this, I am waiting to come home and find a rabbit in a pot, We have hired anttorey.

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