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April 1, 2009

Dr. Phil Joins Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm on The Mitch Albom Radio Show

Dr. Phil McGraw and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm Talk Candidly About the Economic Challenges Facing Michigan Residents on Mitch Albom Radio Show

(Los Angeles, CA/ Detroit MI, April 1, 2009) -- “I don’t know if you can diagnose and cure a state, but people here are hurting and so the fact that you're here and you’re paying some attention to us; we really appreciate that,” said Governor Granholm to Dr. Phil McGraw when Albom put the life strategist and Governor together for an on-air chat earlier today. Dr Phil's first stop on a visit to Detroit for a series of appearances was a return to the Mitch Albom radio show. “Governor, it’s my honor to be here,” said Dr. Phil. “I’m so just impressed. People in Michigan ought to be proud of you for having such a common sense, forward-looking attitude about all of this. You guys are reinventing yourselves and I think you’re doing such a great job, Governor.”

Albom and McGraw have collaborated over common goals in the past, and it was Albom's recent feature in Sports Illustrated Magazine that inspired Dr. Phil to do a free town hall at the I Am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry, a church Albom supports that offers shelter to the homeless.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s appearance will be moderated by Albom at 2:00 PM on Thursday, April 2nd at the I Am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry.  Tonight,  McGraw speaks at an event sponsored by WWJ-TV and the Dr. Phil Foundation at the Music Hall in Detroit.

Click here to listen to the complete conversation between Dr. Phil McGraw and Governor Granholm.

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