Mom’s Midlife Crisis?

Has your mother entered her middle years and suddenly changed? Does it feel like someone has flipped the switch on her personality? Are you and your family in conflict because of Mom’s crisis? Has your family been turned upside down? Is Mom suddenly being secretive and defensive about her new behaviors? Is she going out drinking at bars and acting like someone half her age? Is she throwing caution to the wind and shirking her responsibilities? Does it feel like she just doesn’t care about the family anymore? Have you caught her in outright lies? Does she admit to acting differently, but not know how to change? Are you ready to let Mom know how much she’s hurting the family? Are you willing to do anything to get through to her? If you or someone you know is a affected by a mother’s midlife crisis and would like Dr. Phil’s help, please send us your story! Please only apply if you’re willing to appear on the show.
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