Teen Daughter Out of Control?

Are you a frustrated parent of a young teenage girl?  Is she acting out in ways you never thought possible?  Is her temper on fire? Is she defiant?  Does she yell at you - directly in your face?  Is she dramatic and violent – does she break or throw things around the house? Has she gotten physical with you, classmates or teachers?  Have you caught her bullying other girls either in school or online?  Have you caught her experimenting with drugs?  Is her interest in boys a concern of yours right now?   Is she breaking curfew, changing her friends, hanging out with guys more often than girls?  Do you feel she needs a wake-up call from Dr. Phil before she heads too far down the wrong path?  PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR STORY VIA E-MAIL.  IF YOU HAVE ANY VIDEO TAPE TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS LET A PRODUCER KNOW ASAP.
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