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Monday - September 1, 2014

"I Did Not Set the House on Fire to Kill My Kids"

Barbara says 15 years ago, she lost custody of her children after she was falsely accused of abuse and neglect. She admits that at the time, she was addicted to drugs, but she says she was a “good mother” with a “happy family” and didn’t deserve to lose her kids forever. Barbara says she has been clean for 14 years and wants to clear her name and reunite with her children, 29-year-old Lindsey and 20-year-old, Bobby Lynn, who changed his name to Dylan -- whom she hasn’t seen since he was 5. Lindsey says her childhood was frightening and unstable, and she had to be the mother to her little brother. She says when she was placed in foster care at 11, she chose to stay in the system rather than go back to her mother -- and even wrote a letter to the court in an effort to rescue Dylan, who was eventually adopted by his aunt, Patrice. Lindsey faces her mother on Dr. Phil’s stage. How does Barbara answer to Lindsey’s accusations that she tried to kill her kids in a house fire? And, can Lindsey find forgiveness? Plus, both Barbara and Lindsey say they’re eager to reconnect with Dylan, who they claim was kept from them by Patrice. Is Dylan interested in a relationship with his mother or sister? Don’t miss Part 2, tomorrow, when Dr. Phil reunites this fractured family. Can they heal the wounds of the past and move forward?


Tuesday - September 2, 2014

15 Years Later: Ex Drug-Addicted Mom Finally Sees Her Son Again

Dr. Phil continues his interview with Barbara, who admits she was a drug addict when she lost custody of her children 15 years ago and now wants to make amends. Barbara’s 29-year-old daughter, Lindsey, claims her mother was neglectful and abusive toward her and her brother, Dylan, and allegedly tried to burn the house down to kill everyone inside – allegations Barbara denies. Lindsey says she has made several attempts over the years to heal her relationship with her mother, but she struggles to forgive. Can Dr. Phil help her make peace with her past? And, Barbara and Lindsey say they both desperately want to re-establish a relationship with Dylan, who was removed from Barbara’s care when he was 5 -- and who they say was kept from them by his adoptive mother, Patrice. Dylan, now 20, faces his biological mother and sister on Dr. Phil’s stage. What does he remember from his childhood? And, is he interested in reconnecting with them? Then, Shannon and John say their 22-year-old daughter, Taylor, started using drugs at 15 and is now homeless and addicted to heroin and meth. They say she almost died recently when she had her second overdose and had to be resuscitated. How can Taylor’s family help save her life?


Wednesday - September 3, 2014

A Love Triangle: Who Will Take Her to the Altar?

Exes Shawn and Kayla are in a heated custody battle over their 3-year-old son, Ashton, calling the police and Child Protective Services on one another and filing a combined 79 court motions. Kayla says, currently, she hasn’t seen Ashton in more than a month, because Shawn refuses to return him unless she dumps her fiancé, Michael, and comes back to him. Shawn admits he has been keeping Ashton from Kayla but insists he is acting in the best interests of his family, which he hopes to put back together again. Emotions run high when the exes come together on Dr. Phil’s stage -- and Shawn meets Michael face-to-face for the first time. Why does Shawn claim Michael is a danger? And, how does Michael respond? Then, it’s decision time for Kayla, who admits she has been telling Shawn she still loves him while also planning her wedding to Michael! Whom will she choose? And, can these parents finally stop all the fighting -- and put their child’s needs first?


Thursday - September 4, 2014

"Give Me Back My Daughters:" A Mother's Fight for Custody

For the past four years, Allison has been raising her two granddaughters after she claims her 25-year-old daughter, Jaimee, abandoned them for a life of drugs and prostitution. Jaimee insists she is now clean of her past life and wants full custody of her children — but Allison isn’t giving them up without a fight. Dr. Phil brings this mother and daughter together to help foster a peaceful resolution. How does Jaimee explain her past decisions? And, how does she answer to accusations that she had recent contact with a pimp? Then, experts weigh in — what’s in the best interests of Jaimee’s daughters? Is Jaimee really ready to be a mom again? This show contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.


Friday - September 5, 2014

A Cold Case Mystery: An Ex-Boyfriend Accused of Murder

In 1985, Rachel’s 14-year-old sister, Lori, was found murdered, and Rachel is desperate to prove her claim that Lori’s ex-boyfriend, Walt, killed the teen and got away with it — an accusation he vehemently denies. Walt was initially tried for the murder, but the case was dismissed after the trial resulted in a hung jury — and he says Rachel needs to stop pointing the finger at him and move on. Tensions run high when Rachel confronts Walt on Dr. Phil’s stage. Where was Walt the night of Lori’s death? And, how does he explain allegations that he has made inconsistent statements to police? Then, Walt says he passed a polygraph in 1985, clearing his name. Dr. Phil calls on polygraph expert Jack Trimarco to examine the results — what are his thoughts? Plus, don’t miss Part 2 Monday, when Walt takes a new polygraph test — what will the results reveal?




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