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Monday - January 26, 2015

Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters?: "Help Me Find My Teen Daughters"

Brian says he has been living a parent’s worst nightmare since last July, when his teenage daughters, Sydney, 15, and Danielle, 14, vanished while visiting their mother, Michelle, for the summer. Two weeks later, Michelle also disappeared, and Brian, who has full legal custody of the girls, says he believes his ex-wife is hiding them. But Brian’s oldest daughter, Brittany, 19, says she believes the girls ran away so they wouldn’t have to live with Brian, who she claims is overbearing, controlling and abusive -- accusations Brian firmly denies. Dr. Phil brings this father and daughter together for the first time in almost a year in search of answers. Plus, hear from Michelle’s brother, Troy, who says he has twice received videos of Sydney and Danielle. Does he have any idea where they -- or Michelle -- might be? And, see a brand-new video of the girls specifically addressing Dr. Phil. What do they say about the situation? Can Dr. Phil help get to the bottom of this mystery?


Tuesday - January 27, 2015

"I'm Scared of My Sister's Boyfriend": Is He a Danger to Her Children?

Tracy says she is desperate for her sister, Shelly, to dump her boyfriend, Jason, who Tracy believes may have sexually abused Shelly’s two granddaughters — an accusation Jason and Shelly vehemently deny. Shelly adopted the girls, ages 7 and 9, and is raising them as her own, because she says her daughter, Roxy, was an unfit mother. Both Shelly and Jason claim Roxy has coached and bribed the girls to lie about being abused in hopes of regaining custody. Dr. Phil brings all the players in this family drama together in search of answers. Was there actually abuse, or just twisted lies? Roxy is adamant that she did not fabricate the accusations against Jason and says she can’t believe her mother is defending him. Do journal entries from Roxy’s 7-year-old daughter reveal anything? Plus, hear from Shelly’s 16-year-old son — what does he say the girls told him? And, where can this family go from here? Dr. Phil weighs in — who does he think should have custody? This program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.


Wednesday - January 28, 2015

Shocking Viral Video: Teen Says, "If Your Boyfriend Hits You, It's a Sign of Love"

Eighteen-year-old video blogger Romina sparked outrage after she made a video telling her many social media followers that if their boyfriend hits them, it’s a “sign of love.” Romina says she’s a role model to her 153,000 fans — but does she realize the danger of the message she’s sending? And, after hearing a domestic violence survivor’s harrowing story, will she change her mind? Plus, Jessica, 26, made headlines in 2011 when she accused an ex-boyfriend of abusing her, stalking her and even setting fire to her mother’s house. But then, Jessica admitted she fabricated evidence, including letters and phone calls, and even confessed to starting the fire — though she now claims her confession was coerced. After spending a year behind bars for public mischief and criminal harassment, Jessica is speaking out. Did she set her house on fire? And, why would she lie to police? Plus, while in prison, Jessica says she fell in love with a convicted torturer, who is currently serving an indefinite sentence. How does she say her mother, Barb, facilitated the romance — and why? And, can Jessica learn to make better choices in men?


Thursday - January 29, 2015

From Top TV Newscaster to Drunken Mom

Christi says she was once a three-time Emmy-winning TV news reporter at the top of her career, but her struggle with alcohol addiction has now left her jobless, sleeping in bushes and estranged from her two adult daughters, Heather and Haleigh. Christi says her downward spiral began in 2010, when she became addicted to Oxycodone after a car accident. She says she hasn’t touched pills in years but admits she now drinks three or four nights a week, sometimes calling her daughters and leaving nasty voicemails. Christi says she knows she has a problem and is desperate to get her life back on track. But is she really ready to be totally honest? Emotions run high when Christi and her daughters are reunited for the first time in more than two years on Dr. Phil’s stage. Heather says her mother is a “con artist” who has struggled with drinking and drugs since Heather was a teen, and she wrote her off a long time ago. Will she be open to giving Christi another chance? And, where does Haleigh stand? Plus, when offered a chance to get sober, will Christi accept?


Friday - January 30, 2015

Gorgeous, Violent, Raging and a Very Unsweet 16

Tom is the chief of police in his small town and says his 16-year-old niece, Kristi, is the cause of as many as four 911 calls every week. Her family says she is angry and violent, refuses to go to school, smokes marijuana and has no respect for authority. Kristi’s parents, Ann and Mike, admit they’ve lost control of their daughter and say her rages are so frightening, they lock their bedroom door at night and sleep with a baseball bat nearby for protection. Ann says she feels like a hostage in her own house and has even offered her daughter $100 a month to move out. What’s behind the teen’s outrageous behavior? And, will this family have the courage to accept Dr. Phil’s offer of help? This program contains adult subject matter and strong language. Viewer discretion advised.




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