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Monday - July 6, 2015

"I've Divorced My Ex Twice, but I'm Still in Love"

Gwen says she has married and divorced Derrick twice -- but she would take a third trip down the aisle if he would just get some help and fess up to his mistakes. Gwen claims that while married, Derrick hit her, stole from her, disappeared for months at a time and missed the birth of their child, among other offenses. Derrick says Gwen is "crazy" and a “vindictive, sadistic succubus” who is out to ruin his life -- but if she could stop being that way, he’d love to be a family again. What does Gwen say she found on Derrick's phone that she calls deeply disturbing? And, why would she still consider giving him another chance? Concerned for the children caught in the middle of the dysfunction, Dr. Phil combs through the accusations from each side. Does this couple have a future together as spouses -- or as co-parents only?


Tuesday - July 7, 2015

"Falsely Accused of Murder and Now My Life is Spiraling out of Control"

Kezia says she is desperate to get help for her 27-year-old daughter, Derica, who she says has spiraled out of control since witnessing her best friend’s murder nearly a year ago — and then being wrongly accused of the crime. Derica says even though the charges were dropped, she has struggled to cope with the backlash in her hometown, and she admits she turned to drugs to escape reality. But now, Derica says she has been clean for five weeks — since learning she is pregnant, although she admits she still smokes cigarettes. Emotions run high when Dr. Phil sits down with Derica, Kezia, and Derica’s younger sister, Tristin. Can Derica find a way to get her life back on track? Tristin says Derica’s dangerous behavior started long before the murder and claims their mother is a big part of the problem — is she enabling Derica? Dr. Phil has some tough questions for Kezia — and a sobering wake-up call for Derica about the effects smoking can have on an unborn child. Will it make an impact and help her stay clean? Can this family come together to help Derica heal and move forward?


Wednesday - July 8, 2015

Bob and Dorothy Return: “Should I Divorce My Wife for Harassing Me?”

When Bob and Dorothy last appeared on Dr. Phil, the quarreling couple agreed to tone down the cursing, screaming, hitting and accusations — which they confessed happened frequently in front of their 12-year-old daughter. Now, they’re back — and admittedly worse than ever. Bob says he moved out to escape Dorothy’s wrath, but he claims that hasn’t stopped her from throwing a rock and paint can at him, smashing his expensive guitar, breaking the windows of his rental home and falsely accusing him of running around on her. Dorothy blames Bob for her outrageous behavior and claims he mentally tortures her until she snaps. With the divorce papers in Bob’s possession but not yet signed, can these two finally calm the chaos and decide to go their separate ways?


Thursday - July 9, 2015

"Our Sister Lived in the Bushes and Tried to Hire Someone to Kill Her"

Ann Marie and Jackie say their sister, Colleen, is living in a world of make-believe where she constantly plays the victim and lies for money and attention. The siblings say Colleen has disappeared for days at a time and once lived in the woods for two weeks — and paid a homeless man to try to kill her — in an attempt to make her family believe she was dead. They also claim Colleen has faked a heart attack, falsely accused a neighbor of rape and most recently told them she’s receiving treatments for cervical cancer — which they believe is just another lie. Dr. Phil brings the sisters together in search of answers — and a resolution. How does Colleen explain her erratic behavior? And, is she really suffering from cancer? Plus, Ann Marie and Jackie admit they have enabled Colleen over the years by giving her money and food and paying her bills — can they learn to put their foot down and help Colleen get her life back on track?


Friday - July 10, 2015

Shocking Viral Video: Teen Says, "If Your Boyfriend Hits You, It's a Sign of Love"

Eighteen-year-old video blogger Romina sparked outrage after she made a video telling her many social media followers that if their boyfriend hits them, it’s a “sign of love.” Romina says she’s a role model to her 153,000 fans — but does she realize the danger of the message she’s sending? And, after hearing a domestic violence survivor’s harrowing story, will she change her mind? Plus, Jessica, 26, made headlines in 2011 when she accused an ex-boyfriend of abusing her, stalking her and even setting fire to her mother’s house. But then, Jessica admitted she fabricated evidence, including letters and phone calls, and even confessed to starting the fire — though she now claims her confession was coerced. After spending a year behind bars for public mischief and criminal harassment, Jessica is speaking out. Did she set her house on fire? And, why would she lie to police? Plus, while in prison, Jessica says she fell in love with a convicted torturer, who is currently serving an indefinite sentence. How does she say her mother, Barb, facilitated the romance — and why? And, can Jessica learn to make better choices in men?




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