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Monday - July 28, 2014

"My Husband, My Boyfriend, My Big Decision"

Lisa says she can’t choose between her boyfriend of one year -- or her husband of 26 years, Rick. She claims Rick is verbally abusive, controlling and has held her against her will -- and she never would’ve cheated if he treated her better. Rick says he will do whatever it takes -- from bribing his wife with gifts to forcing her into his car and driving off -- to keep her from this other man. Lisa says she has tried to break it off with her boyfriend several times, but she just can’t let him go. Lisa and Rick’s grown children, Alexa, 25, and Jordan, 20, say they are disgusted by their mom’s behavior, and they’re tired of being pulled into the middle of the drama. Will this couple fix their marriage or call it quits? Whom will Lisa choose: her boyfriend or her husband?


Tuesday - July 29, 2014

Party Mom: Did She Put Her Children in Danger?

Twenty-three-year-old Mercedes says her 38-year-old mother, Sueann, has been partying and drinking several days a week for the past 18 years — forcing Mercedes to become a mother figure to her four younger siblings. Mercedes says when she was a child, her mother often returned home intoxicated and initiated arguments — if she came home at all — and even took her to a bar when she was 15. Mercedes says despite an alcohol-related arrest and a mandatory rehab stint, her mother continues to drink excessively, and she’s at her wits’ end. Sueann admits she goes out partying every week and sometimes drinks until she blacks out, but she insists she has always been a good mother. So, how does she explain losing custody of her 13-year-old son? Plus, hear from Sueann’s 15-year-old daughter, Destiny, who got pregnant at just 12 years old. Why does she say she blames her mother? Can Dr. Phil help Sueann realize the damage her choices are causing her family? And, is Sueann willing to stop the drinking and partying — and be a mom?


Wednesday - July 30, 2014

Best Friend Killers: What Happened to Skylar Neese?

On July 6, 2012, 16-year-old Skylar Neese was stabbed to death by her two best friends, Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf. Six months later, Rachel confessed to police and led them to Skylar’s remains. Shelia continued to plead not guilty -- until January 2014, when she finally admitted her part in the brutal murder. Both teens claimed they killed Skylar because they “didn’t want to be friends with her anymore” -- but was that their real motive? And, who was the mastermind behind the plot? Dr. Phil sits down with Sklylar’s parents, Dave and Mary, who say they’re struggling to comprehend what happened to their little girl. How can they heal after such a horrific tragedy? And, how could Shelia -- who had been friends with Skylar since she was 8 -- and Rachel commit such a heinous crime? Hear from Shelia’s cousin, who says Shelia isn’t the monster that people say she is. And, friends of Rachel’s family weigh in. Were there any red flags they say they missed? Then, a close friend of Shelia and Skylar claims she knows the real reason behind the murder. Does Skylar’s journal entry confirm her suspicions?


Thursday - July 31, 2014

Shocking Accusations: Abused Wife or Abused Husband?

Marie says that her husband of 8 years, Ron, has a violent temper, and she’s afraid for her safety and the safety of their 4-year-old daughter. She says that Ron’s mood can change within seconds and claims that he has become verbally and physically abusive. She alleges that Ron has pushed her down the stairs and hit her in the head — and claims that he has threatened to do much worse, recently even writing “kill” on the bathroom mirror. Ron adamantly denies that he has ever physically or verbally abused Marie. He claims that she is a compulsive liar who often mixes her prescription medications with alcohol — and says that she is the one with anger problems. How does Marie respond? Is she telling the full truth about her husband’s behaviors — and her own? Dr. Phil sorts through the allegations and looks at video from Dr. Phil cameras placed inside the family’s home — what did they capture? Can Dr. Phil help this couple find a way to stop fighting and start communicating — for the sake of their child?


Friday - August 1, 2014

Ultimate Betrayal: Forced to Kill His Father

Twenty-one-year-old Corey was only 10 when he walked into his sleeping father’s room and killed him with a single gunshot to the head. He claims he was manipulated into committing the unthinkable act by his stepmother, Judith, after allegedly suffering years of horrific mental and physical abuse at her hands. Corey says he told police the shooting was accidental — and kept the secret for nine years, before finally confiding in teachers. Judith is now serving a life sentence for aggravated murder, child endangerment and insurance fraud. However, Corey says there’s another person he blames for his father’s death — his birth mother, Wendy, who signed away her parental rights when he was 8. Did she put Corey in harm’s way? Wendy insists that she thought she was giving Corey a stable home — and had no idea about the abuse he says he suffered. But were there warning signs she may have missed? Can Dr. Phil help this mother and son heal the wounds of the past and rebuild their relationship? Plus, Michelle says her sister, Tashena’s, phone call to Child Protective Services caused her to lose custody of her 6-month-old daughter, who has special medical needs. Tashena denies contacting CPS — and says Michelle’s irresponsible parenting, including missing several doctor’s appointments, is to blame. Is Michelle really ready to be a mother? What does Dr. Phil say she must do if she wants her daughter back?




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