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Monday - June 29, 2015

"Get Off My Back about My Body"

Nicole says she wants to lose weight but says her “fitness freak” husband, George, has no compassion or empathy for her struggles, and his intense, drill-sergeant ways aren’t helping. George says Nicole is her own biggest obstacle to losing weight -- he says she’s lazy, makes excuses and gives up too easily -- and all his efforts to help her have only strained their relationship. How can he motivate his wife? Then, Dominique says she knows she needs to lose weight but says her mom, JoAnn, won’t stop nagging her about it. Could JoAnn be sabotaging her daughter with her constant comments? Plus, Charles says ever since his identical twin brother, Adam, lost 90 pounds, he has become an arrogant jerk who loves to embarrass Charles about his body. Adam says his brother resents him for getting healthier and needs a serious wake-up call about his weight. Can these brothers heal their relationship while getting to a healthier place?


Tuesday - June 30, 2015

"My Father Offered Me as a 'Maiden' Sacrifice to an Alleged Cult Leader"

Lindsay claims that from ages 13 to 23 she was one of 10 “maidens” and was sexually abused by alleged cult leader Victor Barnard — a former fugitive arrested recently after having been charged last April with 59 felonies, including criminal sexual conduct. Lindsay blames her father, Carmen, for turning a blind eye. Carmen says he had no idea what his daughter was going through, because Barnard had such a mental hold on him — and he’s desperate to repair his relationship with Lindsay. Emotions run high when the two come together for the first time in more than a year. How does Lindsay say she finally escaped nearly a decade of alleged abuse? And, what red flags does she say her father ignored? Plus, can this father and daughter move forward in healing and forgiveness?


Wednesday - July 1, 2015

Young, in Love and in over Their Heads

Natalie, 22, claims her boyfriend of four years, Justin, 25, has an anger problem and says she fears for her life and for their 10-month-old son. Natalie says that since their son was born, Justin has turned into someone she doesn’t even recognize. She claims he throws things, rips doors off their hinges and once shoved her while she was holding their baby. Justin admits he has punched holes in walls and slammed doors into walls but denies pushing Natalie and says she is overly dramatic. Both admit their child has witnessed the turmoil. Does this young relationship have a future? Then, Samantha shared her experience with abuse in The Aspire Initiative, a free domestic violence education curriculum from When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation. She returns and has some words of wisdom for Natalie. Plus, tune in as Robin announces the winners of the iAspire Campus Challenge, which awards a grant to students who effect change on the issue of sexual violence on college campuses.


Thursday - July 2, 2015

"Why is My Mom Faking Cancer?"

Jessica says her mother, Patricia, claims she is defying the odds by becoming a record-setting weight lifter while simultaneously battling Stage 3 brain cancer. But Jessica insists her mother isn’t sick at all and that she is lying about her health to gain sympathy and attention. She says Patricia has been spinning stories about various medical ailments for as long as she can remember — and it’s time to come clean. Patricia strongly denies her daughter’s accusations and insists her diagnosis and incredible survival story are real. Why does she claim Jessica is out to get her? Emotions run high when mother and daughter face each other on Dr. Phil’s stage. Do Patricia’s claims hold up? And, can this mother and daughter repair their fractured relationship?


Friday - July 3, 2015

Decades of Hatred, Accusations and Altercations: A Fight for Custody That's Tearing a Mother and Daughter Apart

Marsha says she fought for -- and won -- custody of her grandsons because of what she has called her daughter's dangerous, drug-using lifestyle. Now she says her relationship with her daughter, Brooke, is filled with mistrust, false accusations of abuse and bitter resentment. Marsha says she’s afraid to be around Brooke because she claims Brooke is often violent, and that she has called the police on her three times. Brooke admits she has used drugs in the past but says she is trying to make up for her mistakes and be a better mother -- but Marsha makes it difficult. She claims Marsha is abusive to the boys, locks them in the basement and isolates them from friends and family -- all of which Marsha denies. Dr. Phil sits everyone down in search of answers -- can this mother and daughter resolve their conflict?




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