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Monday - February 23, 2015

Time is Running Out for Prison-Bound Dad: Did His Wife Blackmail Him into Embezzling $300,000?

Sarah, 20, and PJ, 21, claim that for the past two years, their mother, Kim, has chosen alcohol and pills over them and their two younger siblings. They say time is running out for her to get her act together -- because their father, Pete, is headed to prison for mail fraud in a matter of weeks, and they’re afraid their family will fall apart while he’s away. Kim says she is only an occasional drinker and insists she is not using pills -- but what will a drug test reveal? And, how does she explain two DUI crashes in recent years, including one that Pete claims she tried to cover up? Plus, Pete admits he was struggling to make ends meet when he came up with a plan to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why does he say he blames Kim for his current predicament? With the clock ticking, the family confronts Kim in an emotional intervention on Dr. Phil’s stage. Will she agree to get help and become the mother her children say they need now, more than ever?


Tuesday - February 24, 2015

"I Believe My Cousin is Squandering Her Inheritance on a Love Scam"

Sarah, 46, admits she has sent more than $1 million to her boyfriend, “Chris,” whom she met online just over a year ago but has yet to see in person. She says she loves “Chris” and dreams about marrying him — once he’s able to return to the United States from Africa. Sarah’s cousin, Crystal, thinks Sarah is being conned into squandering her inheritance. So, how does she explain helping Sarah send “Chris” $50,000 — despite her suspicion? And, why does “Chris” say he needs Sarah’s money to return home? Dr. Phil’s Facebook followers joined the effort to track down the man behind the photos of “Chris,” hoping to confirm his identity and allow Sarah to meet him face to face for the first time. Is this the real deal?


Wednesday - February 25, 2015

A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde, or Confused Teens in Love?

Dalton Hayes, 18, and his 13-year-old girlfriend have been dubbed a modern day “Bonnie and Clyde” by some in the media after the young couple left Kentucky in January 2015 and reportedly evaded police during an alleged two-week, multistate crime spree involving stolen cars, destroyed property and forged checks. Authorities say along the way, the teens stole three pickup trucks — one with firearms inside — before they were arrested in Florida. In a daytime television exclusive, Dr. Phil sits down with Dalton, who is currently behind bars, having pled not guilty to multiple charges, including burglary and second-degree rape. Why does Dalton say they ran away? And, he claims he didn’t know his girlfriend was only 13 at first — why did he continue the relationship after he learned her age? Then, Dr. Phil speaks to Dalton’s mother, Tammy. How does she feel about the charges against her son?


Thursday - February 26, 2015

“I Am the Outcast of My Family, and They Threw Me Away Like Trash!”

Marissa, 22, says her family treated her like an outcast during her childhood and turned their backs on her when she was 17. She says she later began working as an escort to make ends meet. Marissa claims Robin — her biological aunt who adopted her as an infant — was a bad mother to her and criticized her for her weight and race. Robin insists she was a loving mother and that Marissa had a happy childhood. She says Marissa spiraled out of control as a teen, and the family doesn’t support her controversial lifestyle. Marissa faces her family for the first time in three years on Dr. Phil’s stage. Did they reject her when she needed them most? How can Marissa get her life back on track? Plus, is there any hope for repairing this fractured family?


Friday - February 27, 2015

"My Husband's Big Lottery Win is Ruining Our Marriage"

Jodie says ever since her husband, Edwin, won $1.66 million in a lottery pool two years ago, he has become angry, distant and secretive — and their marriage has gone downhill fast. She claims Edwin has squandered most of the winnings without her knowledge — even buying a house for one of his family members without consulting her — and she can’t trust him. She also says Edwin has a drinking problem, which she claims has resulted in explosive fights and arrests. Edwin denies having an alcohol problem and says he just drinks to escape Jodie’s nagging — and he feels she’s only with him for the money. Why does he say their marital problems started long before his big lottery win? And, how does he explain his spending? Plus, Jodie’s mom, Linda, says Edwin has become a jerk toward Jodie’s 11-year-old twin girls from a previous relationship, while treating his 1-year-old daughter with Jodie like a princess. Is Edwin playing favorites? The couple sits down with Dr. Phil in a last-ditch effort to repair the damage. Can this marriage be saved?




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