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Monday - February 8, 2016

“Fat Guy” Bikes Cross Country: To Save His Life or to Scam America?

Self-proclaimed “fat guy” Eric says he was 560 pounds and unhappy with his weight, so he decided to do something unexpected -- go on an epic bike ride across America. He says his goals were to lose weight, write a book and rescue his failing relationship with his wife. The only problem was he had no money for the trip. So he set up a GoFundMe account and asked the public for help. After his story went viral, thousands of dollars rolled in and so did the critics, saying Eric was scamming America. Is Eric trying to lose weight and save his life and marriage, or is he just conning the country? Find out as he also confronts some of his “haters” face-to-face for the first time. Plus, Dr. Phil asks Eric to get on the scale for a weigh in.


Tuesday - February 9, 2016

Neighbor Feud Erupts with Constant Calls to the Police, False Allegations, Trumped Up Charges and Threats of Violence

Jana and Allen say their neighbors, Melanie, Maritha, and Maritha’s son, Christopher, moved into the house directly behind them six months ago and have been the source of constant conflict. They say their neighbors have made false police reports, called DFS, threatened them and that their four dogs bark all hours of the night. Jana says Christopher even set off an explosive in their backyard near their children’s swing set. Although Christopher denies the allegations, Jana and Allen say they have surveillance video. But Maritha is pointing the finger right back at Jana and Allen, accusing them of making her life a “living hell.” She says police have been called to her home 17 times since she moved in. Maritha says she has been falsely accused of punching another neighbor in the face, and her partner, Melanie, charged with sexual misconduct for mooning a neighbor, even though Melanie vehemently denies this allegation. Tensions have escalated to the point that both families have installed surveillance cameras around their homes because they say they fear for their safety. Will these neighbors be able to call a truce?


Wednesday - February 10, 2016

All-New Dr. Phil

Check back soon for more info on this exciting, all-new episode!


Thursday - February 11, 2016

"I Believe My Granddaughter was Illegally Adopted. We Want Her Back!"

In 2008, Julia was a single mom, homeless, and living in a car with her 15-year-old daughter, Olivia, her 12-year-old daughter Phoebe, and Olivia’s newborn daughter. Julia claims that when authorities found her homeless, they placed her children in foster care. Julia and Olivia say that within 6 months, Olivia’s daughter was adopted. Julia claims the adoption was illegal, and she wants to know how to legally fight what she calls this “injustice” that happened to her family because they were broken and poor. Olivia claims she did everything she was told to do by caseworkers in foster care, but they still took her child. She says she never agreed to place her baby for adoption. Olivia claims the adoptive mother, Jyllian, lied to her, falsely promising pictures and the chance to be part of her daughter’s life. She and her family want Dr. Phil’s advice on how to keep fighting for her little girl.


Friday - February 12, 2016

“I Want to Confront the Woman Whom I Believe Illegally Adopted My Granddaughter!”

Julia and her 22-year-old daughter, Olivia, claim Olivia’s newborn daughter was taken away from her illegally and placed for adoption. They claim Jyllian, the woman who adopted Olivia’s daughter, promised to provide them with pictures of the little girl and the opportunity to be part of her life, but they say she hasn’t done either. They also say they don’t approve of Jyllian’s lifestyle. Jyllian says their claims are outrageous and that everything about the adoption was legal. She says in the past few months, things have gotten out of control, and she even got a restraining order against Olivia. Jyllian claims both Julia and Olivia have posted pictures of her and slandered her. She claims Olivia drives by her house and stalks her, and says Julia has made threats about coming to take the little girl. Jyllian says she lives in fear that they will kidnap her daughter and wants the harassment to stop so she can raise her child in peace. Can Dr. Phil bring calm to this situation?




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