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Monday - July 27, 2015

In Sickness and in Health: "Should I Get a Divorce from My OCD Wife?"

Brian says when he married his wife, Laura, and vowed to stay with her “in sickness and in health,” he never expected 10 years later to be married to her OCD, too. Now, he says his wife’s condition is taking a huge toll on their relationship and family, to the point he’s considering divorce. Brian says Laura’s compulsions began six years ago, after the birth of their second child, and have become all-consuming — she even sleeps with a mask on and won’t let Brian touch her, for fear of contamination. Brian says he loves Laura, but he feels frustrated and alone, and he also worries about the effect her disorder is having on their children. Laura says she has a list of 91 different fears and rituals, which have turned her life upside down. She worries she is losing her family but says she doesn’t know what to do. Dr. Phil sits down with the couple in search of a way forward. What is driving Laura’s compulsions? Plus, Laura says her parents have no idea how bad her OCD has become — how will they react when they learn the truth? How can Laura manage her OCD and reclaim her life?


Tuesday - July 28, 2015

Was It Child Abuse, or Was It an Accident?

Brenda and Josh say for the past year, they have been fighting to reunite their family, after they say Josh was unfairly convicted of second-degree child abuse. In March 2014, they say the couple’s 11-week-old daughter, Naomi, fell off Josh’s lap in what he says was an accident. A short time later, Naomi became very ill and was in and out of the hospital, where tests revealed bleeding in her brain and eyes. Brenda and Josh say they were shocked when a doctor accused them of abuse, setting in motion an ordeal that saw Naomi taken from them and Josh sentenced to 12 months in prison. Brenda, who was cleared of any wrongdoing, got Naomi back and says she went into hiding out of fear her daughter would be taken again. Now, she’s ready to tell her story to Dr. Phil — along with Josh, who appears via satellite from prison. What happened to Naomi? How do Brenda and Josh explain the baby’s injuries? Plus, hear why Brenda says she believes authorities have been out to get her family. And, will Josh ever get to see Naomi again? Dr. Phil weighs in — what does he think about Josh being in prison?


Wednesday - July 29, 2015

A Father Accused: Who's Telling the Truth?

Megan, 24, claims six years ago, her father, Robert, raped her while she was passed out after a night of partying -- an accusation Robert vehemently denies. Megan says when she finally had the courage to speak up about what she claims happened, her mother, Tina, and sister, Krissy, called her a liar and took her father’s side. Robert accuses Megan of fabricating the “disgusting” story with one goal in mind -- payback for him being the disciplinarian while raising her. The divided family sits down with Dr. Phil in search of answers. Robert and Megan both agree to take a polygraph test -- what will the results reveal? And, how can this family heal and move forward? This show contains strong language and adult subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.


Thursday - July 30, 2015

A Family Divided over an Unsolved Murder

In August 2009, Penny’s 40-year-old sister, Shannon, a successful businesswoman, was found dead in her car, at the bottom of a cliff, in what authorities initially believed was a tragic accident but later ruled a homicide — a case that remains unsolved. Emotions run high when Penny faces her father, Ted, for the first time in two years and drops a bombshell: She believes he hired a hitman to kill Shannon. Ted admits his relationship with Shannon was strained at the time, but he vehemently denies he had anything to do with her death. How will Ted react to Penny’s accusation? Tune in to watch the drama unfold as this father and daughter angrily level charges against each other — can Penny and Ted find a way to repair their relationship, or have the accusations gone too far?


Friday - July 31, 2015

Pretty Little Mean Girls

Dr. Phil tackles one of the most dangerous trends affecting young adults today -- cyberbullying. Kalista, 20, claims she has been virtually assaulted for almost two years by Taylor, 20, a girl who Kalista says loves to attack people when they’re at their lowest point. Kalista says Taylor has posted photos of her online and written lies that she does drugs, is a stripper and a prostitute. Kalista says she’s not the only victim of Taylor’s alleged bullying -- Shelby, 22, and Shayna, 21, say they also have been targeted -- and she’s worried someone may be pushed too far. How do they say Taylor’s alleged actions have affected them? Taylor admits she has made nasty comments -- why does she say she was only defending herself? Dr. Phil brings all parties together to try to end the hostility. Are these young women ready to unplug and end the animosity? Plus, hear from the mother of a 12-year-old girl who tragically ended her own life after being cyberbullied. Will her story make an impact?




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