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Monday - November 30, 2015

Mama's Little Boy or Daddy's Little Girl: Identity Confusion or Brainwashing?

Michelle and her ex-husband, Kyle, say when their daughter Aubrey was born intersex, they agreed to raise her as a girl. Until recently, they say they’ve been co-parenting Aubrey, now 4, as a girl, but Michelle claims Aubrey has been insisting that she’s a boy, so Michelle says she traded in Aubrey’s “girl” toys, clothes and hairstyle to appease her child’s wishes. Kyle says he was furious when he saw that Michelle cut Aubrey’s long hair without consulting him – and ever since, Aubrey has been living as a boy with his mom during the week, and as a girl with her dad on the weekends. Kyle’s current wife, Brittany, says she’s been running interference and wrote to Dr. Phil in a desperate attempt to end this gender war. Can Dr. Phil help these parents become a united front for the sake of their child?


Tuesday - December 1, 2015

TV Star Nicholas Brendon Update: The Real Man Behind the News Scandals and Arrests

In his first Dr. Phil appearance, actor Nicholas Brendon, best known for his role as “Xander Harris” on the hit TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Kevin Lynch on “Criminal Minds,” abruptly walked off the stage shortly after the interview began, and later posted to Facebook that he “pulled the plug” because he felt Dr. Phil “went for the jugular.” Then, just a few weeks after the show aired, the embattled actor had another run-in with the law. On September 30, he was arrested for the sixth time and charged with two counts of criminal mischief, one count of obstruction of breathing, and one count of robbery in the third degree. Nicholas admits that he continues to struggle with alcoholism and depression and says he’s even considered suicide. But now he says, he’s ready to face his demons and get back to doing what he loves most -- acting. Is Nicholas willing make the hard choices and take the necessary steps to save his career and possibly, his life?


Wednesday - December 2, 2015

Three Sisters Divided: "Our Sister’s Self-Destructive Behavior Is Killing Our Mother and Could Land Her Behind Bars"

Three sisters, Elvia, Erica and Tiffany, say they like to call themselves the “Mexican Kardashians,” because on the outside, they’re educated and beautiful. But behind closed doors, they admit that their family is more “dramatic, chaotic and broken,” than glamourous. They say they’re always fighting with each other or with their mother, Janie, and Elvia and Erica claim the main source of conflict is Tiffany. They claim Tiffany is irresponsible, rude and emotionally and verbally abusive to Janie, with whom Tiffany lives rent-free. They say Tiffany recently vandalized her ex-boyfriend’s house and caused $20,000 worth of damage, and that her non-stop drama is taking a toll on their mother’s health. Elvia and Erica also claim that Tiffany is a “sugar baby” and worry that her promiscuity is putting her in dangerous situations. Tiffany denies being abusive to Janie, and says she’s just “addicted to love” and can’t be alone. Can Dr. Phil help these feuding sisters call a truce?


Thursday - December 3, 2015

“My Husband vs. My Lying Ex: Time is Running Out for This Wife Caught in the Middle”

John, 34, says his wife, Adriane, 34, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and fears that when she’s gone, he’ll have to co-parent her two children with her ex-husband, Rick. John and Adriane claim Rick is a narcissist and drug addict who steals from his children and refuses to pay child support. Rick denies their accusations, says he’s tired of John and Adriane alienating him from his children and claims Adriane’s cancer diagnosis might be just a scam to get donations – a claim both John and Adrian vehemently deny. What do medical records reveal? And, hear what Rick’s 18-year-old daughter, Katie, has to say about her family’s troubled dynamic. Is there room for a compromise?


Friday - December 4, 2015

“I Can’t Say ‘No’ to Anything and it Could Literally Kill Me”

Twenty-two-year-old Sadie is a fulltime high school teacher, a beauty queen running for Miss Florida, and a candidate for political office in her hometown – and that’s just a few of her recent commitments. Sadie says she wants to be everything to everyone, because she just can’t say “no” – ever. But is her ambition is coming at a cost? Sadie says she’s been hospitalized six times for stress, has passed out in the middle of the street, and recently received a stern health warning from her doctor to slow down or risk serious heart disease. Sadie’s mother, Jennifer, claims she has no idea where Sadie’s non-stop drive comes from. But Dr. Phil questions whether this apple fell far from the tree, and points out the nearly identical similarities between them. Then, Courtney, 25, says she was diagnosed with OCD at 8 years old and admits to spending nearly every hour of the day trying to avoid germs – including taking multiple showers, washing her hands until they bleed and refusing to walk on her living room floor without paper towels under her feet. She lists shoes, toilets, garbage and wet floor signs among her phobias, but says her biggest fear is seeing or touching vomit. Courtney’s boyfriend Patryk says he’s at his wits’ end and refuses to marry Courtney until she gets her life together. Can Dr. Phil help free Sadie and Courtney from their fears and phobias?




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