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Monday - August 24, 2015

"My Husband Makes Me Think I'm Crazy, Then Videotapes Me:" Accusations of Abuse Caught on Camera

Anthony, 26, and Melinda, 25, say their year-and-a-half marriage is on the brink, and they need help for the sake of their children. Melinda claims Anthony is controlling and abusive, uses drugs and spoils his 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship -- and she says she worries about their 15-month-old child together. After one recent explosive fight, in which Melinda says that Anthony refused to hand over their child, she moved six hours away and filed for divorce. Anthony denies Melinda's claims but admits he has been physically abusive with her. He claims Melinda has attacked him as well and says he has the video to prove her anger is out of control. Melinda says that he provokes her and then videotapes her and calls it proof of what he says is her out of control behavior. With one child together and another on the way, can this couple learn to peacefully co-parent for the sake of all the kids? Also, Anthony’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his first child makes an impassioned plea to Melinda. Will it make an impact?


Tuesday - August 25, 2015

A Deadly Love Affair: The Widow, The Lover and a Spouse Behind Bars

It was a story that made headlines, filled with the kind of details you might find in a romantic thriller: In 2011, Ashlee's husband, Emmett, was having an affair with a co-worker named Kandi when he was shot and killed by Kandi's husband. The story rocked their small Idaho town and left two families forever changed. Kandi’s husband, Rob, who claimed he acted in self-defense, was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. For the first time in four years, Ashlee and Kandi come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage. What happened that fateful night? Kandi was the closest witness — what does she remember? And, Ashlee says she had no idea Emmett was having an affair, but Kandi claims she wasn’t his only extra-marital partner. Plus, Kandi claims Ashlee has tried to ruin her by smearing her name in books and blogs. How does Ashlee respond? And, hear Rob’s statement from behind bars. How can both families begin to make peace with the past and move forward?


Wednesday - August 26, 2015

Riches to Rags: "My Son's Fiancée is Ruining His Life"

Brenda says she is desperate to break up her 27-year-old son, Chris, and his 25-year-old fiancée, Tabatha, who Brenda has referred to as “lowdown trash” and a bad influence. She says Chris, who struggled with addiction, was back on track and working a $100,000-a-year job — until he met Tabatha two years ago. Now, Brenda says Chris is homeless, living in the woods and has been arrested twice, and she blames Tabatha. Chris says he and Tabatha are “like Romeo and Juliet” and insists nothing, including his “controlling” mother, will break them apart. Emotions run high when these future in-laws face each other on Dr. Phil’s stage. Tabatha and Chris say they are working hard to get on their feet again, and Brenda needs to butt out. Does Brenda have reason for concern? Has the couple remained sober? Plus, Brenda says she is worried Chris and Tabatha are trying to get pregnant — are they capable of caring for a child? Tune in to hear Dr. Phil’s advice for everyone involved: Is Brenda meddling too much in her son’s life? And, should Chris and Tabatha split up?


Thursday - August 27, 2015

"I'm Scared of My Sister's Boyfriend": Is He a Danger to Her Children?

Tracy says she is desperate for her sister, Shelly, to dump her boyfriend, Jason, who Tracy believes may have sexually abused Shelly’s two granddaughters — an accusation Jason and Shelly vehemently deny. Shelly adopted the girls, ages 7 and 9, and is raising them as her own, because she says her daughter, Roxy, was an unfit mother. Both Shelly and Jason claim Roxy has coached and bribed the girls to lie about being abused in hopes of regaining custody. Dr. Phil brings all the players in this family drama together in search of answers. Was there actually abuse, or just twisted lies? Roxy is adamant that she did not fabricate the accusations against Jason and says she can’t believe her mother is defending him. Do journal entries from Roxy’s 7-year-old daughter reveal anything? Plus, hear from Shelly’s 16-year-old son — what does he say the girls told him? And, where can this family go from here? Dr. Phil weighs in — who does he think should have custody? This program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.


Friday - August 28, 2015

"My Mother Gambled $2.5 Million Away and Blames Me for Being Broke"

Carie says her mother, Diane, was once a successful jewelry store owner who lived the high life in Las Vegas, but she gambled away $2.5 million and now lives in an RV — and she blames Carie for her troubles. Carie says she has tried to help her mother get back on her feet and even gave her a car — which she says Diane thumbed her nose at — and she’s fed up with her mother’s mooching and manipulating. Diane says her daughter should want to help her, because she provided her with a lavish lifestyle growing up. She also claims Carie left her high and dry when she needed her most, and she wants an apology. Dr. Phil reunites mother and daughter for the first time in more than a year. Did Carie turn her back on her mom, or is Diane lacking accountability? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s advice for mother and daughter. Can they make amends and move forward in peace?




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