Inside the FLDS

September 28, 2011
Dr. Phil continues his in-depth discussion with Willie Jessop, former spokesperson for the FLDS and former bodyguard of self-proclaimed prophet Warren Jeffs. Jessop comes face to face with former FLDS members and some of his critics, who say they don't believe a word he says.

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"Brainwashed Brides"
"Inside the Cult"
"Cult Confrontations"
"Dr. Phil Now: Secrets inside the Compound"
"Dr. Phil Now: The Lost Boys and the Children of the Compound"

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Facing His Critics
Joining the conversation is Warren's nephew, Brent, who says his testimony of Jeffs' alleged abuse helped bring him to justice; Sam Brower, author of Prophet's Prey, who has been investigating the FLDS for the past seven years, and Joni, who's married to a former member of the FLDS, and who provides a safe haven and rehabilitation for those who escape or are forced out of the polygamous sect. And, Fawn is a young woman who says she escaped her fate of being forced to marry an older man when she fled the compound. See how her life is now.

Will Jessop provide the answers they're looking for?

"Belligerence, Anger and Avoidance"
Ross is a former member of the FLDS church until he was kicked out. Find out why he has a problem with Jessop's claims that he didn't know anything about child brides or young girls who were pregnant in town. Will Jessop own up to what they accuse him of being a part of? And, will Jessop help arrange a meeting between Dr. Phil and the young women at the FLDS compound?

"If you're going to apologize, Willie, mean it."