Mother-in-Law Mayhem

August 27, 2012
Robert says his mom, Kathy, calls him and his wife, Viv, 20 to 30 times a day, and if they don't answer, will leave verbally-abusive voicemails and then call their work, other relatives, and even the police, until she gets a response. Robert and Viv say Kathy’s behavior is ruining their month-long marriage. Is kicking Kathy out of their lives the newlyweds’ only option? Kathy says she's hurt that Robert and Viv got engaged and married without telling her. She admits she's overprotective and has trouble letting go of her son, but says her voicemails are in response to the vile things Robert says to her. Can Dr. Phil encourage this family to establish healthy boundaries?

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"Krazy Kathy"?
Robert says his mother, Kathy, is putting his month-long marriage to Viv in jeopardy with her frequent calls, angry voicemails and often erratic behavior. Listen to the messages and hear Kathy's explanation. Can this trio foster a peace? And, Viv's mother, Grace, weighs in on the newlywed's drama.

“Kathy’s perfect world is Robert and her. No one is as important to her as her baby boy.”