My Big Fat Baby, Part 2

February 4, 2003

Dr. Phil continues his discussion on childhood obesity.

"Healthy Food is Expensive!"
Sandy's 12-year-old son weighs 262 pounds. Although she is concerned about his health, she says that healthy food isn't within her budget. Is healthy food really more expensive? 


Cost Comparison: Fast Food vs. Healthy Food.

See Sandy and Mike's update.


"I Overfed Him."
At 3, Jared weighed 120 pounds. Taken away from his mother by the courts and placed in foster care, he has lost 70 pounds. Now his mom admits to overfeeding him.


See Jared's update.


"Don't Tell Me My Son is Fat!"
Terri is furious that her son's school sent her a letter stating that her son is overweight. She says that her son's self-esteem was damaged after finding the letter and the practice should be stopped.

Should schools send letters to parents informing them that their child is overweight? Is it OK for the courts to take obese children away from their parents?
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