Heroes and Role Models

December 24, 2003

Does your daughter try to emulate a pop star? Does your son worship a professional athlete? Dr. Phil has advice for parents who are concerned about their children's obsession with famous people. He also introduces two celebrities who are using their fame to help others.

Britney Obsessed
Sally is worried that her three young daughters' fascination with Britney Spears will lead them down an unhealthy path.

Dr. Phil reassures Sally.  


Basketball Dreams
Michell is concerned that her 5-year-old twins, Tyler and Tyrrell, are idolizing professional basketball players to a dangerous degree.


Too much b-ball? 


Agassi Gives Back
Andre Agassi has turned his passion for tennis into a passion for helping needy kids.


Dr. Phil talks to Agassi.

To find out how you can help Agassi's school, go to www.agassiprep.org or call 866-69-4KIDS.

Jane Kaczmarek's #1 Goal
Malcolm in the Middle's Kaczmarek has turned philanthropy into her life's work.


Kaczmarek speaks out.

Jane Kaczmarek's tips on easy ways to give back:

  • Request that guests bring checks for charity instead of gifts to your children's birthday parties.
  • Read to kids at public schools.
  • Visit senior citizens at a nursing home.
  • Pick up garbage on the streets.
  • Visit www.angelsoft.com/angelsinaction to learn about ways for kids to get involved in charity.


Dr. Phil's Tip of the Day