Finding Your Perfect Match

June 3, 2005
Are you looking for love? Dr. Phil and team up to find a love match for everyone in the audience ... and possibly for you!

The Dating Game ... Dr. Phil Style
Bree has been unlucky in love, but today she's trying to change that. has narrowed down her search for a man to three lucky bachelors. Now she and Dr. Phil have some questions for them.

Meet Bree and see who she chooses.


Surprise for the Audience
They thought they were just coming to a taping of the show ... but they may be about to meet their "perfect match."



See the outcome.


An Unexpected Challenge may think Fred and Minerva are a "scientific match," but Dr. Phil has a different way of determining their compatibility.



The Dr. Phil reality date.


Finding Love Later In Life
Ken, 69, wants to find a woman and get married. Will have the perfect lady for him?



Meet Barbara.


Dr. Phil's Tip of The Day